Judge's Conduct

When interviewing students, judges should always keep in mind the Science Fairs are not only a competition, but also an educational and in many cases a very motivating experience for the student. Many students mention that they really enjoyed talking to the judges and that it is not unusual that that also indicate that it was the high point of their science fair experience!

As a judge you represent professional authority to the student being judged. The manner in which questions are asked, suggestions offered and constructive criticism made should be made in a tone of voice and a mannerism that will provides encouragement and a sense of pride for their efforts especially if they show an interest to further pursue their individual research efforts.

Avoid making physical contact with the student and give the student enough space between you and the other judges when interviewing the student to create a more comfortable and inviting space for the student who is probably already very nervous and apprehensive about their interview in the first place.

A judge must never demean, treat lightly, or display boredom toward a student’s science fair project which you and/or any other member of your judging team considers unimportant. Always give credit to the student for having expended the effort to create and present a science fair project.