Charge For Judges

• Focus on looking for good research and the use of the scientific method. Please keep in mind that Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics sometimes do not follow the scientific method and therefore they should not be penalized.

• It is important to remember that you are judging the projects compared to the other projects on the floor and not to an outside standard.

• If you see a project that’s “Been Done Before”, try to keep in mind that it is the first time for that student!

• The science fair project that appears to be too sophisticated or too ambitious and you believe that a middle school or high school student couldn’t possibly do this, Don’t Be So Sure! Some of our students are very capable and will surprise you. If you continue to have any doubts regarding a project, your interview questions should be able to resolve any of your doubts.

• For science fair projects that have been continued over a number of years, you are to judge this year’s work only. Do not penalize continuous research! On-going research is a good thing and should be encouraged and supported. Doesn’t on-going research reflect real world scientific investigation and study?

• Display Board size and Rules are not your concern. You are to only judge the research!

• Most of the time, the students and/or the teacher assists in choosing the science project category. If you feel that the project is in the wrong category, ask the student why they chose that category and rate them accordingly.

• The point system is to be used as a guide only. The consensus method is the best way to arrive at a decision.