The first Sussex County Science Fair (SCSF) was held in 1992 making the 2015 SCSF this year our 23rd anniversary Science Fair! The mission of the SCSF has always been to promote an interest in science and scientific investigation for young people in our county. The fair provides an opportunity for innovation and investigation as students showcase their science, mathematics and engineering projects. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) are key components of the curriculum that is taught today to our students and is fortified and "brought to life" via the projects that are researched, prepared and presented by the students each year at the SCSF.

The Board of Directors of the SCSF appreciates all of the hard work, dedication and support that is provided by all of the teachers in Sussex County and especially to those teachers encouraging and guiding their students to create and participate in the scientific process via the science fair.

An added bonus to the SCSF experience is the opportunity for the students to meet and interact with members of the scientific community through collaborations and mentorships with local colleges, universities and industry as well as direct interaction with our judges who volunteer their expertise and time and provide valuable individual feedback to each student.

The Sussex County Science Fair presents awards as well as cash prizes and other non-monetary recognition for outstanding work. At the 2014 Delaware Valley Science Fair, which is the regional fair that our winners may go on to attend, three million dollars worth of prizes and scholarships will be awarded! Science Fairs are a wonderful way to assist families in providing much needed financial assistance when their children are applying to colleges and universities.